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Transportation of oversized cargoes

The main shipping technology is intended for delivery of cargoes with the width of 2,45 m, length of 13,6 m, height of 3,1 m and weight of 24 tonnes. Cargoes that exceed the aforesaid dimensions are called oversized cargoes. Transportation of oversized cargoes requires special equipment and also permission for delivery of the oversized cargo along the route. Such shipping operations, as a rule, demand particular route, taking into account the height and the width of bridges and barriers, national rules for oversized cargo traffic in transit countries. According to the size of a cargo, some countries demand not only agreement with road services, but also support of articulated lorries by escort cars, i.e. police, pilots, road services etc. Special low-bed trailers, i.e. platforms are being used for delivery of oversized cargoes by means of motor transport. Oversized cargoes are also delivered by rail transits and by sea, or with the help of the so called multimodal shipment where in the process of transportation one shall use several types of transport (for instance: motor transport and transport by sea, motor transport and rail transit).

We understand the whole responsibility for organization of oversized cargoes delivery. Therefore, we:

  • take into account all possible peculiarities of conditions for oversized cargoes delivery, i.e. development of necessary mountings, planning of a route where there are no bridges, narrow cart roads etc.;
  • execute necessary accompanying forms;
  • on demand of the customer, we carry out insurance of cargoes at a reduced fare at the leading insurance companies;

Despite the fact, that as a rule, oversized shipping operations are carried out according to a definitely established scheme, every logistic project requires special and sometimes nonstandard solutions.

Coordination of all participants of the transportation process applies to the established scheme. In general terms, we can indicate the following items:

  • inspection (if possible) of the transportable cargo by our specialists in order to define the category of the cargo, its dimensions, ways of transportation;
  • a choice of the way of transportation and transport facilities;
  • development of the transport route by our specialists;
  • development of the fastener system (on necessity – production of the new one), accounting of axial load and other servicing characteristics;
  • execution of documents in compliance with the route and peculiarities of the transport facilities;
  • agreement with the Ministry of Transport on cargo delivery, way of transportation, fastener system and receipt of necessary permissions (licences);
  • loading and unloading works, mounting and delivery of cargo;
  • on demand of the customer, we provide insurance for the cargo at a reduced fare at the leading insurance companies;

We appreciate your time and understand the significance of immediacy and reliability when transporting of goods.