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Transportation of hazardous cargoes

Cargoes that can affect environment and health of people are called hazardous. Motor transportation of such cargoes is carried out in compliance with requirements of Agreement between European countries on international shipment of hazardous cargoes by road (ADR) and Temporary directions of the Ministry for European communication on “Transportation of hazardous cargoes by road”. In order to transport hazardous cargoes, specially equipped transport facilities that have a relevant licence are being used. In addition, all drivers are specially trained and have a relevant certificate. It should be mentioned that there are also requirements for packing and marking of hazardous cargoes.

Cargoes are divided into hazard classes in compliance with classification of the agreement ADR:

1 class — explosive materials and agents;
2 class — compressed, liquefied and solude under pressure gases;
3 class — volatile flammable liquids;
4 class — volatile flammable substances and materials;
5 class — oxidizing agents and organic peroxide;
6 class — toxic agents and infectious substances;
7 class — radioactive materials;
8 class — corrosion substances;
9 class — other hazardous substances