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Road transportation

Road transportation is one of the most widespread means of transportation in the world. This type of transportation is not only convenient but also absolutely safe.

Road transportation gives an opportunity to carry cargoes of any volume and assignment. Due to modern technologies we have a chance to trace a location of one or another vehicle, in any time. Thus, it helps to increase the safety standards of services.

Services offered by the company "UkrTransalliance" at the road transportation market are as follows:

  • standard cars with carrying capacity of 22 tonnes;
  • shipment of out-of-gage loads with a weight of 300 tonnes;
  • transportation of hazardous cargoes ADR;
  • shipment of cargoes that require maintenance of specific temperature conditions;
  • insurance and support of cargo protection;
  • execution of traffic documents;
  • execution of special licences and necessary endorsements;

The company "UkrTransAlliance" carries out shipping operations by cars along the territory of more than 20 European countries, in any city in the territory of Russia (CIS), Ukraine, Baltic states and backwards.

According to the Client's wish, our employees shall work out:

  • an individual plan for the car-delivery of your cargo in optimal time, considering all demands;
  • calculation of appropriate packing scheme of boxes in vehicles;
  • placement in different types of vehicles:
    • lorries/delivery trucks;
    • carriages;
    • containers;
    • goods trucks;
  • calculation of a scheme for additional loading of partially packed vehicle;
  • calculation of a paln for a phased loading/unloading;
  • calculation of a scheme for the packing of boxes with the use of pallets;
  • bunching of boxes by sets for secured transportation of one set in the given vehicle and possibility of the bulk unloading;
  • additional optimization of the vehicle loading according to a cargo cost (the most expensive ones shall be loaded first);

One will observe the following items:

  • accouting of a vehicle carrying capacity;
  • taking into consideration allowable axle pressure of a vehicle;
  • consideration of cargo compaction (which side should be chosen for cargo pressing);
  • vehicles can be loaded in a manner specified by the customer;
  • positioning of load subject to its frost resistance;
  • accounting of limitations to the overall height of the box bottom in the vehicle;
  • taking into account fragility of boxes for the limitation of pressure on the top of the box or any other side;
  • accounting of special conditions for cargo transportation ("do not turn over" etc.);
  • taking into consideration the limitation of inadmissibility of placing the box facedowm (on any side);
  • cargo (box) orientation in the process of traffic;

You have, thus, a possibility to:

  • look through the scheme of packing in the form of three-dimensional picture;
  • see the phased reports on the packing scheme of different levels of detail;