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International cargoes delivery

UkrTransAlliance is a private transport-forwarding company that has been formed in the market since 2007. We specialize in organization, logistic solutions and realization of oversized and properly sized international cargoes delivery.

Road transportation

Road transportation is one of the most widespread means of transportation in the world. This type of transportation is not only convenient but also absolutely safe.

Container shipment

Co Ltd “UkrTransAlliance” carries out transportation of cargoes in containers combining surface types of transportation and carriage by sea across the harbours of Odessa, Reni and Illichevsk. For the time being, all available containers can be used. Container shipment is one of the modern and the most saving type of cargo delivery that is used in overseas communication.

International air transportation

For the time being, the company “UkrTransAlliance” is intensively developing an area of international air traffic (transportation).

Rail transits

Despite the onrush of the world technology, these days, rail transits, although they are at a disadvantage against the speed of road and air transportation, are still considered as being the most reliable and saving.

Transportation of hazardous cargoes

Cargoes that can affect environment and health of people are called hazardous.

Transportation of oversized cargoes

The main shipping technology is intended for delivery of cargoes with the width of 2,45 m, length of 13,6 m, height of 3,1 m and weight of 24 tonnes.